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#jansportjams: Doncat

January 20, 2014   |   Music, News   |   0 Comments
Doncat Sounds Like: Rock and Roll in the finest sense. Think George Harrison with a healthy dose of Crazy Horse bombast. The ideal listening environment for Doncat would be in a car, preferably a convertible, cruising along cliff side curves on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Every now and them we’re going to bring you some hyper-local up-and-comers; the un-signed, sometimes unnoticed artists that are the heart and soul of “indie” music. This week we’re bringing you SF’s Doncat (AKA Duncan “Doncat” Neilsen.) Neilsen took the [...] Read More >

RIP Ravi Shankar

December 12, 2012   |   Music, News   |   1 Comment

Any fan of the Beatles surely knows the name of Ravi Shankar, the Indian Sitarist largely credited with bringing traditional Indian music to the masses through his collaborations with 60′s era pop musicians, most notably George Harrison and the Beatles. Shankar did so much more than that, though, including composing for films, working with John Coltrane (Coltrane’s son is named after Ravi), starting a school for classical Indian music, and of course, fathering singer Norah Jones.

The New York Times has a great history of [...] Read More >