The JanSport Unzipped Compilation:Volume 2

Love the tracks on Volume 2? Read up on the artists featured on the comp below!

Portugal the Man

“So American”

BIO: By now, the peripatetic trail etched out by Portugal. The Man is well documented. The band’s nomadic path snakes down the Cascades, starting first in Wasilla, Alaska (yes, the very same city whose identity has been hijacked by a certain celebrity politician, one who we shall not mention again here), and then eventually settling in amongst the puddles and monochromatic haze of Portland, Oregon. There were Iditarod-racing parents, wooden cabins tucked deep in the woods, and the sort of upbringing that skews the very notion of convention. But let us end that chapter of Portugal. The Man’s lore and move forward. READ MORE HERE!

The Moondoggies

“Fly Mama Fly (Live)”

BIO: There is something inherently calming about large bodies of water. In times of emotional duress, standing at the edge of an ocean watching the waves roll in and out centers the spirit in a way that standing on terra firma cannot. Kevin Murphy (lead vocals, guitar) chose to title the Moondoggies’ new album Tidelands in part because of a remote area outside his old stomping grounds of Ketchikan, Alaska where he used to go to escape from civilization. More importantly, as the sly recurring themes of water throughout the Seattle quartet’s second full-length underscore, these are songs crafted to provide solace, sense, and cause for celebration in a world fraught with turmoil. READ MORE HERE!

The Lumineers

“Flowers In Your Hair”

Wesley Schultz, 9, who wants to be an artist, said, ‘I spend a lot of time on my drawings and it turns out good ’cause I’ve been practicing a lot.’” -The New York Times, 3/15/92

Twenty years ago, Wesley Schultz saw the future.

Back then, growing up in the New York City suburb of Ramsey, New Jersey, Wesley spent his days drawing side by side with his best friend, Josh Fraites. Today, as bandleader of The Lumineers, Wesley’s replaced his pencil with a guitar, his drawings with songs, and plays side by side with Joshua’s younger brother Jeremiah. He still practices a lot, and it still turns out good.

But The Lumineers’ story didn’t come so easily. READ MORE HERE!

Mike Adams At His Honest Weight

“Bad Weather”

BIO: Michael Dwayne Adams is originally from northern Indiana. His mother was a hairdresser and a waitress. His dad was a deacon and an electrician. As a songwriter, Mike has a unique gift for crafting engaging melodies while applying some well-oiled decision-making skills. Although he writes alone, finding solace in Roger Miller’s equation of songwriting to birthing kittens, Mike’s “honest weight” is a hard thing to measure. Especially with all of these hands holding him up…

The Fling


BIO: The Fling are set to release their seven song EP What I’ve Seen on Dangerbird Records on November 1st – their second release for the label following their LP When The Madhouses Appear. The EP highlights the band’s lush guitar sound-scapes and ethereal harmonies on songs written by brothers Graham and Dustin Lovelis as well as newest addition, Joel Bond.

Of the EP, Graham says, “What I’ve Seen is a collection of songs that were written and recorded very quickly. That process helped capture the band’s unfiltered sound. Some of the songs came into the studio as adults and knew exactly what they wanted while others were in the awkward, pre-teen stages and needed some navigation. We purposefully went into the studio with unrehearsed songs to liven the sessions. The chaos that comes with letting a young song run rampant is one of the most stimulating experiences that artists can have. It’s very engaging for everyone in the room. The kids get vicious, talk back and you have to discipline them. They become our messed up little family that we have to tame. We’re very pleased with the end result and how varied, yet cohesive it came out. It has a mood disorder. It goes back and forth from sunny and upbeat to dark and heavy with no warning and that is how we like it. That’s how life is.”

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

“Critical Drain”

BIO: Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin has been playing music in Springfield, Missouri since 1999, when Will Knauer and Philip Dickey met at a Super Bowl party. They came up with their band name shortly after Boris Yeltsin’s resignation in the early hours of Y2K. John Robert joined the band in 2001, when he was dorm roommates with Philip at Drury University.

SSLYBY played dozens of local shows, often acoustic, from 1999-2004, and released a split EP on a local label, Generic Equivalent, in 2004. The band’s first LP, Broom, was a blog hit in 2005. Jonathan James joined the band after mixing Broom on his computer. READ MORE HERE!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

“Morning Thought”

BIO: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. is a Detroit-based based recording and songwriting project created by Josh Epstein and Daniel Zott. The project’s inception was the result of a simple idea many of us get regularly, but often fail to act upon.

In late 2009 Josh Epstein picked up the phone and dialed Daniel Zott. He had just seen Zott playing a show in Detroit, and was impressed by the performance, songwriting and charisma he had witnessed on stage. A musician himself, Epstein recognized his style wasn’t entirely similar to Zott’s, but felt their two differing headspaces would form an interesting combination. As such, even though they were both fairly busy with other musical endeavors at the time, he suggested they join forces and attempt something together.

The next day, the two got together and worked on a song Epstein had been kicking around in his head… a track called “Simple Girl.” READ MORE HERE!


“Here To Stay”

BIO: New York was wearing on Kyle Wilson, lead singer and songwriter for the Brooklyn-based quintet Milagres. So he took off, away from the city and his band and his issues… all the way to the coldest, most remote part of British Columbia where he could get some space and breathe. As so often happens in life, he got a little more space than he bargained for – during a rock climbing trip he fell and ended up spending months bedridden with a back injury. Before he left New York, Wilson had thought he might leave the band behind entirely. But during the long days of his recovery he found himself writing songs again, and he realized he wanted to go back. READ MORE HERE!

Big Tree

“Seattle Bound”

BIO: Big Tree is an indie pop quintet, conjuring up “the kind of twee-rock that follows in the footsteps of The New Seekers and The Free Design with their sweetly enchanting sound which rings both lushly produced and delightfully rag-tag DIY at the same time. A much smaller, earthier Polyphonic Spree, if you will” (MyOldKentuckyBlog).
Born in the Big Apple, the five-piece recently relocated to sunny California, where they’ve quickly become a thriving element of the Bay Area music scene. The band’s past three years have seen four cross-country tours, two full length albums, two Daytrotter Sessions, the NYC Deli Magazine Band of the Month title, and over 250 incredible shows. This environmentally-minded group gets from show to show in a tour van that runs on recycled vegetable oil, bought with the help and support of their fans. READ MORE HERE!

Gardens & Villa

“Black Hills”

BIO: Gardens & Villa is the project of five college friends from Santa Barbara, formed following the collapse of a noisier post-punk band and a hitch-hiking journey up the west coast. Members Chris Lynch, Adam Rasmussen, Levi Hayden, and Shane McKillop began playing in earnest as Gardens & Villa in 2008. The name is pulled from the location of their house on Villa Street, and the property’s lovely garden to which they tend. The music they make is very much connected to the coastal city they call home — the stoney bike rides, dance parties, a scene free of judgment. The band refers to this Santa Barbara feeling as “coco vibes.” For two weeks in the summer of 2010, the band camped behind visionary and now-labelmate Richard Swift’s Oregon studio. No shower, no kitchen, but all the magic you could ask for. After taking a band oath to always play all parts live — a la Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense — the band added member Dusty Ineman to supremely execute the live incarnation of the band.

The Broderick


BIO: Bloomington, Indiana-based four-piece The Broderick have done something most high-school sweethearts cannot: survive the rollercoaster ride that accompanies the progression of adolescence to adulthood. Singer/guitar player Max Mullen, drummer Quinten Schulze and guitar player John Codespoti have been playing together in one form or another since their junior high days growing up in Southern Indiana. Bass player Eric Day joined the band a bit further down the road, but it’s a fact that no outsider could ever know just from observing this group together. The Broderick cull their moniker from local slang that means “a brawl,” but brawling is the last thing you’d expect out of this relatively soft spoken and laid back Midwestern band of brothers. These guys would rather sip Buds on a hot Indiana evening and hone their driving and infectious brand of indie-folk rock. READ MORE HERE!

The Seedy Seeds

“Verb Noun”

BIO, from Paste Magazine: If you ever find yourself in a Cincinnati parking lot witnessing an impromptu concert by a band that seems to combine equal bits of folk, pop and electronica, chances are you’re watching The Seedy Seeds in action. While the trio loves playing in just about any sort of venue, they name non-traditional spaces—like backyards, art galleries and parking lots—among their most treasured performances. “I really appreciate when there are, like, twenty 8-year-old kids running around in circles in front of us, and their parents are like, ‘Hey, I’m enjoying this,’ and then there are also music fans that came intentionally,” says Mike Ingram, one-third of the group. “So when we sort of create a neighborhood bonfire experience, those are generally my favorites.” READ MORE HERE!