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JanSport presents: VBS.TV with Calvin Johnson

July 29, 2011   |   Music, Video   |   0 Comments

Check out the latest episode of VBS.TV’s Practice Space. This latest episode is part of a special Pacific Northwest edition presented by JanSport.

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JanSport at Travel & Outdoor fest in Montreal

July 21, 2011   |   Art, Events, Video   |   0 Comments

How cool are Damian Fulton’s custom painted surf boards?! Check out some of Damian’s other work here.

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VBS.TV Practice Space

July 1, 2011   |   Music, Video   |   0 Comments

Don’t miss the newest episode of VBS.TV’s Practice Space. JanSport signed on to present a special Pacific Northwest edition of the web-series and this weeks episode features Ghost Animal from Portland, OR.

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VBS.TV’s Practice Space featuring Mudhoney

June 17, 2011   |   Music, Video   |   0 Comments

Check out the latest episode of VBS.TV’s Practice Space, sponsored by JanSport. This episode features Seattle’s Mudhoney. These guys have been around for over 20 years and they’re still going strong!

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Video for “You Hide” by Eulogies

June 9, 2011   |   Music, Video   |   0 Comments
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Don’t miss this intimate performance by our friends the Seedy Seeds…in the back of their van! A van which, by the way, is big and yellow and affectionately called the “Bavanarama”. Head to the Sleepover Shows page for a few more songs and make sure to look around the site a bit. The page features short sets from artists, performed in the raw in anything from stairwells, dressing rooms, buses, alleys and yes, even vans as they come through Boston. These guys stay busy and there’s content [...] Read More >

New Flaming Lips EP

May 25, 2011   |   Music, News, Video   |   0 Comments

The Flaming Lips just posted the entirety of their collaboration with producer Scott Heren (who also happens make some great music of his own under the name Prefuse 73) on Youtube. The 4-track EP is definitely not for the mild Flaming Lips fan; you won’t find any Yoshimi style sing alongs here. This is the Flaming Lips at their most experimental, ala Christmas on Mars or Zaireeka. Check out this airy number, “Heavy Star Moving…”

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We took an office poll today and decided that if we could go back in time to the 80′s and see one band live in their element, it would be the Talking Heads. Now that’s not to say this was everyone’s first choice (Early 80′s Metallica, Prince, and of course Michael Jackson were towards the top of some peoples lists), but the Talking Heads were the ones that everyone could reach an agreement on.

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Filter Magazine’s party at Coachella may have only been a month ago, but we’re already itching for next year. Dam Funk and Theophilus London rocked our socks off and with party-goers donations, we raised over $1000 dollars for Big City Mountaineers. Thanks everyone for your support!

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Did you miss this too?

May 9, 2011   |   Music, Video   |   0 Comments

Have you seen Beck’s Record Club project? We hadn’t until yesterday, and to be honest we’re a bit ashamed it took us this long to get hip to something this cool. Beck gets together with groups of musicians (groups that happen to include Wilco, MGMT, Feist and an A-list of studio legends, to name a few) and they record off the cuff renditions of entire albums. No rehearsal, nothing pre-arranged, just musicians interpreting music together. Truly one of the best ideas an [...] Read More >