Nobody spends more time living on the road than the bands criss-crossing the American interstate highway system. Touring is tough: and we don’t mean the sort of “touring” enjoyed by the shed and arena bands of the world, living in the relative luxury of tour buses, hotel rooms, and catered meals.

We’re talking about the vast majority of acts out there- the ones hitting the clubs and bars of American, crashing on floors every night, driving 6 hours every day in an Econoline, and sometimes lucky enough to get band beers in the green room (if there is one.) We know it’s rough, but we also know the pleasure of seeing the country, meeting incredible people, and doing it all while playing the music you love.

We want to see how you’re living out there, so we’re asking bands to share their #roadlife photos with us on Twitter or Instagram @jansport. Find the tackiest truck stop ever? Think your tour rig is the coolest thing on the road? Want to show us the your band’s top 10 road-necessary items? Snap a picture or video, tag it #roadlife, and give us a shout @jansport.

We’ll pick our favorites to share with the JanSport world and we’ll be picking a few bands to hook up with new JanSport gear for their travels. Bonus points if your JanSport makes the shot.

Safe travels out there.