Sounds Like: Rock and Roll in the finest sense. Think George Harrison with a healthy dose of Crazy Horse bombast. The ideal listening environment for Doncat would be in a car, preferably a convertible, cruising along cliff side curves on the Pacific Coast Highway.

Every now and them we’re going to bring you some hyper-local up-and-comers; the un-signed, sometimes unnoticed artists that are the heart and soul of “indie” music. This week we’re bringing you SF’s Doncat (AKA Duncan “Doncat” Neilsen.) Neilsen took the last year to release one single per month, all of which will be released together as Don Gato on a crowd funded vinyl LP.

“Ride On” is the final of these 10 tracks and features an unabashedly 70′s California rock influence, with enough of a “rough around the edges” presentation to remind you that real live people do in fact play and record the music we all listen to.

Listen to “Ride On” here.

If you’re into Doncat, make sure to check out Neilsen’s band Citytribe for more americana rock and roll.