New for 2014: every week we’ll bring you #jansportjams and give you a look into what we’re listening to here at JanSport HQ. Some stuff you’ll know, some you won’t. Many of these artists will be new artists on the underground, some will be classics that we love. Either way, we hope that we’ll help you discover something new!

For our first artist, we’re bringing you SF’s:

Painted Palms

Sounds like: 60′s mod pop, if drum machines, digital production, and an additional 40+ years of musical history existed in 1964.

We have a few local music fans here in the office, and Painted Palms has been bringing their brand of 60′s pop-rock/electro fusion to San Francisco clubs for a few years now. This year, though, is sure to be a big one for the guys. Their label debut, “Forever”, is due out January 14th on Polyvinyl Records (also home to much loved JanSport Bonfire Sessions alumni Japandroids) and if the single is any indication, it’s going to blow some minds.

New bands doing old sounds is nothing new (Tame Impala and Foxygen both had big 2013′s), but it’s Painted Palms’ unique blend of modern electronic sounds and classic 60′s pop influence that make them especially interesting and forward thinking. If this sounds interesting to you,  Jagwar Ma have been producing music along these lines as well and also deserve a listen.

Listen to Painted Palms’ “Spinning Signs” here