Las Vegas may not be known as a cultural hotspot, but Right Pack Signature Series collaborator, KNYEW, would like to change your mind. Discover a different side of Vegas with our interview below.


1. What is your favorite local late night eatery? 

Our favorite local late night eatery would have to be the Fuku Burger food truck for Japanese-inspired burgers. After a long day at the shop, the KNYEW crew is always down to hit the Fuku Burger truck to grab some Tamago burgers and garlic fries in Crack Sauce…yes, it’s called Crack Sauce!

They’re a staple in Las Vegas and a must have when you’re in the city.


2. When the sun’s out, where is your favorite place to hang out?  

It is way too hot right now in Vegas to be hanging out outside. The only time we step outside in the summer is when we go to our cars – #aintnobodygottimeforthat.


3. Favorite local musical artist?   

Sean Rose and Dizzy Wright are on the top of our list right now for favorite local artists.

Dizzy just dropped his album “The Golden Age” on August 19th. Sean Rose just came out with “Smell the Roses” last month, and it’s available on iTunes.


4. What makes Las Vegas the place to be?

Aside from the Las Vegas nightlife, what makes this city great is its continuous growth in culture, fashion and the arts. The emergence of young artists, musicians, tastemakers and entrepreneurs in the past couple years has been incredibly inspiring, and created a large sense of community that was somewhat absent when KNYEW opened in 2007.

We’re very excited and honored to be a part of this movement and represent Las Vegas in the Right Pack Signature Series.



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Las Vegas one of your favorite places? Tell us what your picks are when you visit Sin City in the comments.