Some people say a city is only as good as the late night food they serve up. One of our Right Pack Signature Series’ collaborators, The Fresh Yard, thinks that San Diego provides Grade A late night grub. Learn about their favorite local eatery and other things about San Diego that make them love to rep their hometown. 

1. What is your favorite local late night eatery? 

It would be Hong Kong Chinese Food located in Hillcrest. They are open ‘til 3 a.m. and the food is great. It definitely gets packed after 2 a.m. when everybody is leaving the bars and clubs.

2. When the sun is out, where is your favorite place to be in San Diego? 

Of course the beach is everybody’s favorite place to hang out in San Diego. We’re known for our great weather and beaches.

Aside from the beach, hanging around North Park or downtown for a drink and food, is usually what you can find us doing.

3. Favorite local band/artist (if you have one) and why? 

It would have to be Chris Young as an artist and Pierce The Veil as a band.

Chris Young is an upcoming rapper that’s going to make a mark in the hip-hop scene.

Aside from the great music Pierce The Veil make, they are really humble musicians. Mike and Vic from the band always come by the shop when they are in town from touring – and they tour A LOT.

All of them support us and so we support them.

4. What makes San Diego the place to be?

The weather in San Diego is like living in paradise. We have great weather all year long, so there is an endless amount of things to do in San Diego. It never gets boring here.

It’s also slower pace compared to Los Angeles or other big cities, but we like it like that, because when we come home from traveling, we can always really relax and chill out.

Overall, the weather and the beautiful people make San Diego great.


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