Not that we needed any more reason to take a trip to Honolulu, but IN4MATION, one of our Right Pack Signature Series collaborators, chatted with us on why they love to rep their city.

What is your favorite Honolulu late night eatery?

We got a great spot near our Chinatown shop called Lucky Belly, which typically makes a great ramen, but later in the evening they have a take out window that features late night meals. Our favorite is its hamburger steak that consists of a hamburger patty with gravy over white rice. It’s so good.

Where is your favorite place to spend outdoors?

Being in Hawaii it’s always sunny. Any beach, anywhere is great here. You’re guaranteed warm, clear waters and a beautiful beach.

Favorite local band/artist?

Hands down, it’s a band called The Jumpoffs. They have such a great vibrant rock sound. If you have a chance to see them live it’s a must see.

What makes Honolulu the place to be?

Honolulu has to be one of the best cities in the world, where you can have great food, great shopping, all in paradise. In Honolulu, you could be shopping and in 10 minutes you could be on a remote beach, or hiking to a beautiful waterfall. Sunsets, that’s a whole another thing – nature painting a masterpiece every day – no joke.

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Honolulu one of your favorite places? Tell us what your picks are in the comments.