We’re happy to report that all of our climbers are home safe and sound! Despite incredible efforts from both teams, neither were able to reach the summit due to some rather extreme and dangerous weather.

Once both teams were off the mountain, the celebration began with the 41st annual JanSport Rainier Climb party and JanSport co-founder Skip Yowell was on site to share stories from JanSport’s 40 plus years on Mount Rainier. Believe us, there are some good ones (some maybe not suitable for a PG audience…)

One of our favorite parts of this climb, and a large part of it’s reason for being, is the opportunity to test and develop new gear. This year saw the first trial of a brand new mountaineering bag prototype developed specifically for the guides on Rainier. The guides with International Mountain Guides have been great partners in helping us to tweak and perfect this bag, and we’ll continue to use their input to develop great outdoor bags for the future.

Check out some more photos from the climb!

International Mountain Guides founder and the current record holder for most Rainier summits (500+!), Mr. George Dunn.

Some JanSport friends hunkering down for a cold night: Big City Mountaineers Executive Director Lisa Mattis and Greg Rowan from Motion Visual.

The weather took a turn….

JanSport co-founder Skip Yowell with Lygia De Luca from JanSport Brazil and Gabriel Gutierrez from Mens Health Magazine in Mexico enjoying a cold one after coming down the mountain.

A few of the wonderful guides from IMG enjoying the JanSport party.