The sound is unmistakable: Ray Manzarek’s organ, like the sound of Jimmy Hendrix’s guitar, or the sound of John Bonham’s drums with Led Zeppelin, changed the way we could think about rock & roll. As a founding member of the Doors, Manzarek had everything to do with the sound that made the band a sensation. The 74 year old Manzarek passed away yesterday in Germany as a result of a long battle with bile duct cancer.

There are lot’s of great tributes to Manzarek out there in the blogosphere today, so instead of regurgitating the same pieces of information that are already out there, we’re going to do what we believe any fallen rock legend would prefer we did: revel in the wonder and power of the music they worked all of their lives to create and take a minute to enjoy and appreciate their legacy on this earth.

We’ll begin with this great clip of the band performing at the Hollywood Bowl in 1968.