Check out our exclusive Q&A with Mike from Geographer. We couldn’t be more excited to have them at our Bonfire Sessions tomorrow! You still have to time to RSVP.

Q: Your lyrics are quite personal – is it more important for you that your listeners understand your message within a song or for them to interpret it themselves?

A: I never went in for the whole, “the author is dead” postmodern notion, because, as a writer, I am most interested in understanding what the author was trying to do, how they tried to do it, so I can learn from them.  As for my own music, it never bothers me if someone interprets one of my songs in a way that seems unrelated to my ideas.  All I truly want to accomplish is to make people feel, and I am very interested in the vagueness of emotions and the failure of words to truly express them.

Q: At the end of the day do you want people to dance to your music or think about your tracks seriously?

A: Do I have to choose?

Q: How has the reception been from existing and new fans since the release of ‘Myth’?

A: Extremely fulfilling.  It seems like people are getting a lot out of the record, and are accepting of the new direction we took musically.  It was their encouragement that gave us the confidence to make ‘Myth,’ so to see that it resonates with a lot of people is very meaningful, and makes us excited about the future.  It also seems as though people are ready and hungry for heavy subject matter.  There’s this notion that you don’t want to bum people out, and some people go to concerts to forget, but just as many go to convene with the shadows in a safe and emboldening environment.

Q: Although Geographer is your music child, did the other members have an equal say in experimentation and writing of the record or do you have the last say?

A: We’ve been lucky enough to never disagree so much that one person has to put their foot down.  We’re very open to each other’s viewpoints, and ultimately we operate by the notion that the proof is in the pudding.  We often make ten to 20 different versions of every song, and then we just pick the best one.

Q: One of the main differences between your 2008 album ‘Innocent Ghosts’ and the ‘Animal Shapes’ EP to your latest work, ‘Myth’ is the extended use of synths. Was this choice to use a thicker, more obvious synth sound due to the current popularity of genres adopting this sound or for a different reason?

A: I just love synthesizers.  They make me almost unhealthily happy.  The sounds you can make, the seemingly endless possibilities.  I love that you can walk up to them with nothing but a rudimentary knowledge of the piano and make some of the craziest sounds you can imagine.  And I also enjoy how elegant they can be once you begin to truly understand them.

Q: What can we expect from ‘Geographer’ in the next two years? Tours, the next releases etc?

A: We just finished recording a bunch of covers that we’re very excited to release, and we’ll definitely be touring as much as we can.  I’m also looking at the final edits right now for our next music video.  So we’re going to be putting out a lot of different content that we’ve been working on for a while.