Ever wished you had your own personal boat? Ever wished you could carry it wherever you went? Well your wishes have finally come true!

Max Frommeld and Arno Mathies, design students at London’s Royal College of Art, have created an origami-like boat that folds into a backpack-size package for easy storage and transportation. They call it the Foldboat.

The small plastic rowboat can be assembled by a single person in as little as two minutes and comes with collapsible oars and inflatable cushions. The hull is made from an 8 x 5 foot piece of plastic and is designed to fold as many as 6,000 times before failing.

The Foldboat is priced at £800 ($1,250) and will hit the market soon. The creators also hope to see non-governmental and humanitarian organizations use it to evacuate people during floods and other natural disasters.

So whether you’re a “boataholic” or someone who loves new gadgets, the Foldboat is sure to please. Check them out!

via: tradeonlytoday

image: foldboat.info