Ok, so we know that Deerhoof isn’t really a “new” discovery (the band’s been around in one form or another since the early 90′s), but it was the first time we actually managed to catch them live and it was everything we had hoped and dreamed for. We caught the band way out on East 4th Street at the Scoot Inn. Thrasher magazine took over the place for a multi-day skateboarding and music extravaganza known as Death Match, and it was awesome. The Scoot Inn is a pretty “authentic” place as it is (It’s pretty much just a run down house with a stage in the back), and add a half-pipe, a couple hundred sweaty day drinking music fans, and a bill full of fairly rowdy live bands and you’ve got yourself what was one of the more raging day parties we encountered in our week in Austin.

Deerhoof’s intense and aggressive style isn’t for everyone, but if you’re up for a whirl wind of a live show, then they’re your band. Part punk rock, part math rock, and part avant-garde pop, the band is definitely (to use an often overused and cliche musical description) unique. Jagged sounding guitars, occasionally Yoko sounding vocals, and an Animal of a drummer (and I do mean the muppet, Animal) might make you scratch your head in confusion if it wasn’t so incredibly awesome.

If you’re feeling adventurous, check out their new recorded live set that’s available as a stream and free download on their website entitled 99% Upset Feeling. The set features a nice cross section of the band’s material and even includes a cover of Canned Heat’s “Goin Up the Country” (you may not recognize the name, but trust us- you know it!)