A few months back we featured a highly entertaining webisode series called Midwest Underground- read all about it here.

The guys behind Midwest Underground are trying to take their program to the next level through an online Kickstarter project to raise capital to invest back into the show. Kickstarter lets ordinary people donate money to help folks bring their ideas to life.

While hugely entertaining, we believe Midwest Underground serves a higher purpose of helping emerging artists gain much needed exposure through high quality live performance video and audio recordings that have potential to reach massive online audiences. As huge supporters of emerging music and arts, we want to see these guys succeed in a big way.

Watch their Kickstarter video and see what it’s all about.  If you’d like to contribute, visit their Kickstarter page to give. You also may notice two familiar names in this video…two JanSport Battle of the Bands winners:The Broderick and this year’s winners, Hotfox.