White Denim’s Josh Petralli was kind enough to answer a few quick questions for us so we could all get to know White Denim just a little bit better.

If you’re going to be in Austin for SXSW next week, you can see White Denim at our first Bonfire Sessions event of the year on Tuesday, March 13th at Mohawk Bar. You can find more information and RSVP for the event here.

Q: How did you guys meet and get started?

A: In March 2005, two bands, Parque Touch (Josh Block, James Petralli, Lucas Anderson) and Peach Train (Steve Terebecki), played a show together at Beerland in Austin, Texas. After the show Steve was asked to play bass for Parque Touch and the band became four, playing under the pseudonyms Byshop Massive (Lucas), Bop English (James), Nicholas Mallard (Josh), and Terry Beckins (Steve). However, in February 2006, Lucas moved to Russia and the resulting power trio changed its name to White Denim. The band made three records and toured extensively for the next four years. Austin Jenkins joined the band on electric guitar in the summer of 2010.

Q: What’s up withAustin? Do you guys love it there? Is it cool being in a band in such a music town? Or does it sort of suck?

A:Austin is a good city to live in. It is growing very rapidly which can be good for some things and bad for others. Being a new band inAustin is very exciting if you can grab the ears of a couple of local promoters and press people. I think it is probably still cool to be in a band anywhere in the world really. There is nothing quite like playing music with your buddies and working towards a common goal with people that inspire you.

Q: Last year you put out your fourth record, D. Do you feel like there’s been a progression throughout the records you’ve made?

A: Yes. I hope so.

Q: You added Austin Jenkins to round out the live set—how does it change up the sound?

A:Austin is a great musician and his performances on record and on stage have a tremendous impact on what our music has become over the past years. Maybe a food analogy would be the best demonstration of the impact he has had on the group. White Denim in 2009 was a peanut butter, jelly, and bread sandwich; now the group is a peanut butter, jelly, banana, and bread sandwich. It is amazing what one additional ingredient can do to a three ingredient recipe.

Q: What were the major changes to the band in the last year?

A: Austin Jenkins and slow songs in the live set.

Q: You guys seem to write pretty collaboratively: how do you put your songs together?

A: For the most part I have written the songs at home and then the band writes their parts in the rehearsal room or in the studio. It is becoming more collaborative in every aspect now though.

Q: Give us the etymology of a recent inside joke you’ve been stuck on… if you feel comfortable.

A: The letter D has always been funny to the group. I am not sure why anymore- but it is still very funny.

Q: What other bands can you guys all agree on? What bands cause a little dissent in the ranks?

A: Led Zeppelin-New Edition