Our first Bonfire Sessions of the year is less than two weeks away and we thought we’d fill you in a bit on the headliners of our Austin event: White Denim.

White Denim was one of those bands that we just couldn’t avoid. Every where we looked, they kept popping up. Whether it was the blogosphere, our favorite live venue calendars, year end “best of lists”, or just word of mouth, the name White Denim just kept confronting us. After a week in which three separate, totally unrelated people suggested a listen, followed by the discovery that the band was supporting Wilco on a whole stretch of their North American tour, the deal was sealed: we had to check these guys out, and boy are we glad we did.

White Denim embodies everything we love about a good band: high-energy, technically proficient players that can write good hooks while taking their song craft to a progressive and genre bending level. Since first discovering these guys we’ve been doing some listening to the band’s newest album, D. The sound is rock & roll at it’s core and channels overwhelmingly classic influences to create a highly enjoyable psychedelic pop-rock mishmash. The single from the disc, titled “Drug”, is a gem. Think Led Zeppelin cira The Song Remains the Same mixed with a whole lot of 70′s kraut-rock (listen to Neu! if you need a brief education) and the trippy air of Revolver era Beatles (in a nut shell: “Tomorrow Never Knows”.)

Check back next week and we’ll have some more on White Denim, including a quick Q & A from the band and a stream of their song “Street Joy”. In the meantime, check out their super cool website (the scrolling feature is awesome!) and watch this video for their single, Drug.

If you’re going to be in Austin for SXSW, make sure to visit our Bonfire Sessions page to RSVP for the Tuesday, March 13th event that will also feature performances from Austin locals Strange Boys along with Bear Hands and Fly Golden Eagle.