Have you been to a major music or sporting festival recently? If you have you’ve surely spotted the TRASHed Recycling store set up in the vendor area. The store gives festival goers the chance to redeem recyclable trash for anything from festival passes, signed artist swag, and merchandise from major brands. The more recyclables you turn in, the more “currency” you have to spend. Pretty cool huh? We thought so too, so we made sure to send the folks behind  TRASHed some JanSport gear to stock in the store.

The TRASHed Recycling Store is just one of a few innovative interactive programs that Global Inheritance brings to major festivals around the country. The group, a non-profit who’s stated mission is to develop creative, cause-based campaigns to educate individuals about issues that affect us globally, also produces programs like Energy FACTory, Tour Rider, and Environmental Land. Check out their website to learn about the organization, where they’ll be, and how to get involved.

The TRASHed store was just recently at Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco where this lucky lady redeemed her recyclables for a JanSport Talus daypack.