Remember our old friends Elsinore? The ones with the awesome opening track to our Unzipped Compilation: Volume 1 titled “Yes Yes Yes”? Well the guys took a little hiatus this past winter after their drummer was hit by a drunk driver while loading out of a show in St. Louis. He’s ok, but his injuries prevented him from beating the skins for a bit. You can read the whole story here on the Elsinore’s blog (read “Elsinore Against Drunk Driving”).

The band has come back in full force with a stellar EP entitled Life Inside An Elephant and just finished up a string of East coast tour dates. The disc’s opening title track is one of the most epic yet from the Champaign, Illinois based quartet and features all of the groups signature moves: dramatic song structure, pop sensibility, large choral harmonies, killer guitar work, and of course singer Ryan Groff’s operatic melodies. The disc was mixed by Beau Sorenson (Death Cab for Cutie, Sparklehorse) who also contributes to the EP a fantastic and atmospheric sounding remix of the title track.

The band is taking a brief timeout from the road to write a new full length and if it’s even half as good as their last one, the masterful Yes Yes Yes, then these guys should have no problem continuing down their path to rockstardom.

You can listen to the new EP here and make sure to take a second and watch the brand new video for the title track “Life Inside An Elephant” up above.