With the first of this fall’s Bonfire Sessions only three days away, The Moondoggies lead singer and guitarist took some time out of his day to answer a couple questions from JanSport’s resident music guy, Matt.

Q: Alright, give us the origin story: how and when did the band get together?

A:The band as it is started late 2005, however we have a deeper history then that going farther back. The Moondoggies came when I  returned from a summer in Alaska. I was very anxious to start playing and was putting together an idea of a record that I’d incorporate my friends on. It picked up steam with Carl (Dahen) learning drums and singing and Caleb (Quick) and I joining up again. Jon Pontrello, who is now a full time member, had been a song writing partner back in that early time.

Q. When did you guys know this was something you wanted to make your life?

A: I think when I heard Nirvana, when I was 7, was when I started day dreaming about living as a musician.

Q: The band definitely seems to be keeping busy: you’ve got some hugely high profile gigs coming up with ACL, Caravan Fest and a whole bunch of tour dates between. Do you guys like to be on the road?

A: YES. Most of the time I do.

Q: What were some of the highlights from this last summer?

A: SlackFest. Writing our third record. Bringing the van back to life.

Q: Does your van have a name?

A: Brian Dennehey

Q: Who in the band has the worst eat cheap tour diet? I played in a band with a guy who’d eat nothing but cold chunky soup out of the can and those little Armour canned sausages you get at gas stations. Nasty…

A: In terms of our band,  me maybe. Jeremy (slide guitar) eats the fastest and Jon Pons’ (banjo/guitar/good vibes) family use to call him garbage gut, you can ask him about that.

Q: What’s your favorite tour stop? Other than home of course…

A: Anytime we can meet up with old friends on the road.

Q: Do you have a favorite venue?

A: Tractor (in Ballard, WA) is always a good time.

Q: Have you ever played a bonfire before?

A: Yes….but as soon as the drum circle starts, I’m outta there.

Q: For those out there that haven’t heard you yet, how would you describe your music?

A: Rock and roll.

Q: Did you set out to create a certain sound in the beginning, or did your sound naturally evolve to where it is?

A: I think it’s always changing. The new stuff is different to me. I never set out to DO anything other then make what I like to make and try to push something more out of it.

Q: There’s a clear classic rock & roll influence on your music- The Band comes to mind. Who has had the most direct influence on your sound?

A: 104.5 fm Covington

Q: If you could share the stage with one act from that era, who’d it be?

A: The Mothers of Invention

Q: Is there a bigger message to your music? What do you want people to walk away from a show with?

A: Boogie…The universal message to me has been to try and relate to each other. Put the intangible into form. But we shouldn’t over intellectualize music either.

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