We caught Jeremy Messersmith at SXSW on the very last night of the festival, and boy are we glad we did. Being a bit of a Star Wars fan myself (I mean, who isn’t?), I distinctly remember him playing this song and the huge grin it put on my face.

Star Wars references aside, Messersmith is a heavy musician and songwriter. The influences of the classic greats come through strong with a heavy dose of Paul McCartney and a whole lot of Paul Simon. The SXSW set we saw featured a three piece string section playing well arranged and tasteful accompaniment, and much of this same well thought out part writing and song-craft can be heard on Messersmith’s most recent release, “The Reluctant Graveyard”. The album is a mix of full band tunes and acoustic songs, and Messersmith seems equally at home doing either. He’s great stripped down, and he’s great when he has a band backing him.

Make sure to visit Messersmith’s website where you’ll find a stream of “The Reluctant Graveyard”, lots of videos (don’t miss his newest, a misunderstood lyrics medley- hilarious!), and lots more. Hey even offers “pay-whatever-you-want digital downloads.