That’s all anyone could say as we left the club where Chicago’s A Lull just finished a SXSW showcase set of what can best be described as “experimental-indie-post-rock”. We actually stumbled across the show by accident as we left another showcase next door and saw a band setting up what looked like an entire stage worth of drums. Being that about half of our entourage consisted of drummers, we had no choice but to stay to see what was about to unfold.

As I mentioned yesterday, we saw plenty of bands drawing on Animal Collective’s thundering orchestral influenced percussion, un-traditional sampled sounds and dissonant harmonies. The guys in A Lull certainly owe some of their sound to those guys, but they pull in enough other influences to create something unique.

A Lull is dreamier and less brash sounding, with smoother and more airy vocal work and incredibly arranged and layered textural percussion (the band has two drumset players with everyone else in the band often times grabbing various percussion instruments of their own). The band owes as much of its sound to Animal Collective as it does to lesser kn0wn, but equally if not more awesome experimental-indie-folk band Annuals. Annuals proved to be masters of blending tons of percussion, thick vocal layers and epically big sounding instrumentation all wrapped up in a more traditional pop-song feel on their last album “Such Fun”. A Lull does all of these things well but opts for more drawn out and wandering song structure.

The band has a brand new LP called “Confetti” due to drop on April 12th (we already have it and it is gooooooood) and just finished a string of dates opening for the Cold War Kids. Stay tuned for big things from these guys….

….and make sure to watch their beautifully shot video for “Weapons For War”.